Deep Blue Seafood

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    The flavor has often been compared to being incredibly meaty, beefy with a unique texture that can be roughly compared to squid or alligator. Others have compared the succulent flavoring of turtle meat to rich crab, salmon, decadent lobster with hints occasionally of bluefish, mackerel, trout, and even sturgeon.

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    The meat is very white with a nice, firm texture. If prepared correctly, it is not tough or chewy, but actually quite tender. To me, they taste kind of “scallopy” and “crabby” at the same time, and can be served in cold dishes as well as hot preparations.

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    Lobster is luxurious, delicious and the perfect food for a special occasion. Lobster has a sweeter, less ‘fishy’ taste than crab, but has a flavour which is rich and satisfying.

    $23 per lbs.

    Deep Blue Seafood located in Woburn, St. George.

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    Frozen Lambie

    Cleaned, Packaged & Extremely Reasonable.

    Get your lambie today to help your seafood craving!