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    Promote healthy hair with our 100% natural Hair Growth Leave-In Spray Treatment. Perfect for adults and kids, it moisturizes bald spots, encourages hair growth, and can be used on braids and weaves. This treatment strengthens hair, increases thickness, fights dry scalp and dandruff, repairs dry damaged hair, adds shine, and helps prevent alopecia. Apply to hair every day for best results.

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    Effectively remove tinea versicolor and lota with our 100% natural Tinea Versicolor/Lota Body Wash. Use it as needed to keep your skin clear and healthy. Gentle and natural, this body wash helps restore your skin’s natural balance.

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    Address hyperpigmentation, acne, pimples, and dark spots with our Pure Kojic Acid Soap. This 100% natural product, produced in Grenada, lightens dark spots, reduces wrinkles, and helps heal sun damage and scars, leaving your skin clearer and more radiant.


  • $60.00

    Revitalize your feet with our 100% natural Peppermint Foot Scrub. This invigorating scrub exfoliates, moisturizes, softens, and relaxes tired feet while reducing pain and swelling. It also promotes blood flow and circulation. For best results, soak feet in warm water for 20 minutes, scrub away dead skin, rinse with clean water, and finish with a moisturizer massage.

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    What it smells like: a sweet, heart-warming celebration.

  • $30.00

    Cleans and prevents tooth decay
    Makes teeth 50% stronger than brushing alone*
    Restores enamel
    Fluoride helps prevent cavities
    Kills bad-breath germs
    Freshens breath
    Fresh mint flavor

  • $50.00

    Eliminate dark marks and achieve even-toned skin with our 100% natural Hyperpigmentation Scrub. Specially formulated to remove dark marks on inner thighs, legs, underarms, elbows, and knees. Apply the scrub in a circular motion for 15 minutes until dissolved, then rinse for best results.

  • $55.00

    Treat your feet to our 100% natural Dry Crack Feet Removal Scrub. This effective scrub softens and heals dry, cracked feet. Simply rub under your feet, leave overnight, then scrub and rinse with warm water for best results.

  • $50.00

    Boost your hair’s health and growth with our 100% natural Rosemary and Clove Hair Growth Butter. This nourishing butter can be applied to wet or dry hair daily for best results, promoting strong and vibrant hair.

  • $70.00

    Lemon Butter for Brighter, Glowing Skin

    Achieve brighter, glowing skin with our 100% natural Lemon Butter. This nourishing formula revitalizes your skin, leaving it radiant and healthy. For best results, apply to clean skin twice per day.

  • $70.00

    Experience massive hair growth and moisturized split ends with Chebe Hair Growth Butter. Made from 100% natural products, this nourishing butter promotes healthy, strong hair. Simply apply to the hair as desired to enjoy its powerful benefits.

  • $40.00$50.00

    Promote healthy hair growth with this 100% natural Children’s Hair Growth Pomade. Formulated to nourish from roots to ends, this gentle pomade supports strong and vibrant hair, making it perfect for children’s delicate hair care needs.

  • $20.00

    Reveal moisturized skin with NIVEA Intense Healing Body Lotion. This healing lotion is enriched with NIVEA Deep Nourishing Serum and Provitamin B5 to deliver deep nourishing moisture that lasts for up to 72 hours.

  • $10.00

    Crest Premium Plus Scope Minty Fresh toothpaste kills millions of bad breath germs and leaves breath minty giving you the ultimate combination of a clean and fresh smile. The Crest Premium Plus line features an Active Foam Whitening formula that removes surface stains while fighting cavities and tartar, and tubes include a stand-up flip cap that makes Countertop storage easy.

    Crest Premium Plus Scope Outlast toothpaste uses an Active Foam + Whitening formula that helps fight cavities and tartar all while working to remove surface stains. Kills up to 99.9% of bad breath germs with the lasting freshness of Scope Outlast Long Lasting Mint. Tube features a stand-up flip cap for convenient countertop storage.

  • $10.00

    Huggies Simply Clean Unscented Baby Wipes are a great solution to take with you wherever you take messes, whether it’s around the house, at the playground or in the car! Using plant-based ingredients for over 20 years, these disposable baby wipes are not only great for sensitive baby bottoms, but also can be used for the hands and faces of toddlers and children. The Huggies Simply Clean unscented baby wipes are alcohol free, parabens free, fragrance free…worry free! They’re also hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, pH-balanced and do not contain phenoxyethanol or MIT to help maintain healthy skin for your baby. Plus, a flip-top design and EZ Pull 1-Handed Dispensing makes it easy to grab wipes without wasting sheets! Showcasing adorable Mickey Mouse packaging, the Huggies Simply Clean Wipes are a great combination of convenience and versatility, making them a must-have for the whole family, because kids outgrow diapers, not messes. (*70%+ by weight)

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    Step into a floral fantasy with Bath & Body Works Petal Parade Fine Fragrance Mist. Like taking your first steps into your favorite flower shop, this scent showers you in flower petal confetti. Celebrate yourself with this enchanting and vibrant fragrance, perfect for any occasion.