Colgate Total Mouthwash 12 HR Protection


Colgate Total Whole Mouth Health Mouthwash 12 HR Protection

Doesn’t just freshen breath, it provides 12-hour protection against germs, even after eating and drinking, helping to keep your mouth healthy and fresh. It kills 99% of germs on contact, significantly reduces plaque and helps prevent the gum disease gingivitis.


  • Antibacterial mouthwash provides 12-hour protection against germs even after drinking and eating
  • Kills 99% of germs on contact
  • Significantly reduces plaque
  • Helps prevent gingivitis
  • Alcohol free mouthwash so there’s no burn
  • Gluten-free

Additional information

Flavor, Size

Peppermint 250 mL, Peppermint 500 mL, Spearmint 500 mL

Colgate Total Mouthwash 12 HR Protection

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