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Vendor Of The Week: Isle Bee Well Inc

  • $25.00

    Product Description:
    ⦁ A unisex beeswax lip balm/salve that is a cut above the rest. With a firm consistency, mild citrus scent, smooth non-greasy application and this lip balm is ideal for the elegant person who is looking for an all-natural solution for keeping lips hydrated. Having two of the top natural plant oils for lip care (Castor oil & Hemp Seed Oil) and a powerful occlusive such as beeswax, you can say sayonara to dry, cracked lips. Sustainably packaged in a compostable push-up cardboard tube.

  • $45.00

    Product Description:
    ⦁ Our Hive Immunity Throat Spray™ harnesses the synergism of bioactive of organic compounds. Propolis is Greek for “Community Defense” and is what bees use as their external immune system and to sanitize the hive. By merging the remedial qualities of Honey, Bee Propolis and local Spices, we have innovated a first of its kind, multi-functional supplement throat spray!

    ⦁ Size: 30ml
    ⦁ Packaging: Pharma-Quality Glass Spray Bottle

  • $35.00

    Product Description:
    ⦁ This Honey, Lemongrass and Aloe Vera face wash gently lifts dirt without stripping away sebum (natural face oil). On rinse off facial skin appears neat, balanced and mildly hydrated thanks to the use coconut-derived cleansing agents in addition to honey & vitamin B5’s hygroscopic and soothing abilities. With the anti-inflammatory and astringent properties of Aloe Vera, this cleanser reduces redness and minimizes pore appearance.

    ⦁ Size: 30ml
    ⦁ Packaging: Biodegradable Bamboo Packaging

  • $60.00

    Product Description:
    ⦁ Say hello to our Honey Facial Moisturizer with Liquid Crystal Technology. This non-greasy, fast penetrating organic moisturizer supports Skin Barrier Defenses by mimicking and nourishing skin’s Multilamellar Lipid Structure. By harnessing Moringa’s anti-aging properties (Zeatin) you can say bye to fine lines and wrinkles over continued use. Works great as a foundation or base emulsion before applying daily SPF Sunscreen.

    ⦁ Size: 15ml
    ⦁ Packaging: Biodegradable Bamboo Packaging

  • $40.00

    Product Description:
    ⦁ Raw quality honey produced using Natural Beekeeping practices. It truly is a miracle that honeybees can take nectar and convert it to Life’s Elixir— Honey. We think our special bees had extra fun whipping up this potion for you.

    Size: 300ml

  • $40.00

    Product Description:
    ⦁ It’s time to shower in luxury! Introducing our fully organic, Refreshing Shower Gel™ with a subtle Hibiscus aroma. This shower gel builds a gentle cushioning lather which glides over body contours leaving skin feeling clean, cool and refreshed. The hydrating effects of Honey, Avocado Oil and Vitamin B5 continue to work even after rinse-off.  Ideal for sensitive skin types (eczema, contact dermatitis), since this shower gel makes use of cleaning agents derived from coconuts.

    ⦁ Size: 290ml
    ⦁ Packaging: Compostable Packaging


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