Hive Immunity Throat Spray


Product Description:
⦁ Our Hive Immunity Throat Spray™ harnesses the synergism of bioactive of organic compounds. Propolis is Greek for “Community Defense” and is what bees use as their external immune system and to sanitize the hive. By merging the remedial qualities of Honey, Bee Propolis and local Spices, we have innovated a first of its kind, multi-functional supplement throat spray!

⦁ Size: 30ml
⦁ Packaging: Pharma-Quality Glass Spray Bottle


Products sold by our certified vendor ‘Isle Bee Well’ giving you much more than Honey.

Ingredient List:
⦁ Active Ingredients
⦁ Bioflavonoids, polyphenols (Honey)
⦁ Galangin, Amyrin (Propolis)
⦁ Eugenol, Myrcene (Bay Leaf)
⦁ Citral, Pinene (Lemongrass)
⦁ Gingerol, Shogaol (Ginger)
⦁ Guaijaverin, Quercetin (Guava)
⦁ Allicin, S-allyl-cysteine (Garlic)
⦁ Cinnamaldahyde, Coumarin (Cinnamon)
⦁ Menthol, Carvone (Wild Mint)

Other Ingredients
⦁ Sodium citrate (food grade stabilizer)

Directions/How to Use
⦁ Shake before use
⦁ Ages 12 and older
⦁ Parental and/or paediatrician supervision needed for kids under 12 years. Not for infants

Age Dose
12 and older 3-4 sprays every 1- 2 hours
2-12 2-3 sprays every 2 hours

Does not contain
⦁ Alcohol ⦁ Gluten ⦁ Artificial flavourings

⦁ If you are nursing, pregnant or taking medication, consult your healthcare provider before considering this product.

Ask a doctor if you are
⦁ Taking mood prescription drugs such as SSRIs, Benzodiazepines (anti-depressants, anxiolytics, PTSD drugs etc)

⦁ Store in a cool dry place, avoid high heat.

Questions or comments
⦁ 1-473-403-3333 or

Hive Immunity Throat Spray